A Few Good Friends

A Few Good Friends


By: J.E. Smythe

Four women became the best of friends in college, and the years have done nothing to break their bond. As life begins to hit them hard, they are even more determined to hold each other together. Joanna is a successful marketing executive with drive and ambition. She's tough enough to handle herself in a man's world and smart enough to know her worth, but the fear of disappointment keeps her from opening her heart to the possibility of true and lasting love. Jessica is a doctor who loves hard and accepts people for who they are, but her dedication to the man she loves is constantly being tested. How much more betrayal can she take before letting go? Nicole is a stay-at-home wife and mother. She has her hands full with two kids, making ends meet and enduring an abusive husband. When she finally decides to make a change and step out on faith, the unimaginable happens. Finally, there's Victoria, the wife of a wealthy attorney. She lives the life of comfort and prestige, but fails to see past her own need for social standing – and quality that may cost her to lose friendships and the love of a good man. In their quest for happiness, these four women discover the true power of friendship and its ability to change and even save their lives


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