Basic Editing

Basic Editing


A professional editor assigned to you will proofread your entire manuscript to ensure that it meets the highest quality. Remember even the best writers make mistakes. LEG provides editorial services that will help to make your book the best.

Copy Editing: An experienced copyeditor will check your manuscript carefully, correcting errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. In addition, the copyeditor will verify cross-references and impose an industry-standard style.

Content Editing:In addition to performing the functions of a line edit, a content editor will work to ensure the general accuracy and consistency of content and focus on more extensive restructuring of sentences.

  • For fiction titles, the editor will focus on maintaining consistency of details in the plot, characters and setting.
  • For nonfiction titles, the editor will monitor consistency of information and ideas.

Proofreading: The process of converting manuscript to into a publish book is not foolproof. Therefore, it is highly recommended that manuscripts undergo Quality Review to catch any remaining errors.

Starting at $600*


*There will be an additional $.25cost for each page over 300